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TES Office

Title Details
Crouch, Krista
Title One Director
765-455-5186 ext 1243
Hammond, Nicki
765-453-3800 ext 1495
Hillman, Kelly
Asst Principal
765-453-3800 ext 1492
Leicht, Jake
TES Principal
765-453-3800 ext 1491
Mortz, Brianna
Office Aide
765-453-3800 ext 1493
Newlin, Christi
TES Treasurer
765-453-3800 ext 1494
Seidel, Carrie
TES Secretary
765-453-3800 ext 1490
Mission Statement

The Taylor School Community mission is to prepare and encourage our students for success in all life’s opportunities through the foundation of TITAN STYLE.

Vision Statement

Working together as the Taylor Learning Community, we will distinguish ourselves as a premiere educational site, ensuring a life of success and continued growth for all of our students.

From Roots to Wings: Grow, Soar, Inspire